Alexandra Tippel, Elven Rogue/Ranger. Level 6/1


Alexandra Tippel, Vampire Hunter by Accident.

Alexandra started out her adventuring career like many do. Going deep into forgotten dungeons and stumbling around ‘left for claiming’ wares. She became fairly wealthy and famous for her solo trips down deep and dark dwellings. As she grew in skill, more challenging expeditions were required to keep her happy. However, with this seeking of greater challenges came greater threats. Seems she started to come upon treasure that was not exactly ‘left for claiming’ as the rightful owners were still around, even if they were not alive. After her first near fatal run-in with a Vampire, she decided to learn the ways of destroying them, for her own sake.

To this end, she came upon the WVZ Hunters. While she still does most of her adventuring alone, she will team up with fellow members of WVZ or will tag along with a band of adventurers if their destinations are similar.

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